What to expect at a family session

Accept the chaos

I offer two different kinds of family photo shoots. The first being documentary style. I come to your home and record what your everyday moments look like. I focus on capturing your environment and locking in the little moments such as playing games, cooking together and snuggling on the couch. The goal being to create a capsule of what life looks like now. To give you photos that will take you back to time where all the imperfections were actually perfect.

The second kind of family photo shoot would be on-location. This location can be anything from a beautiful grass field in Snohomish County, sprawling ocean views on Whidbey Island, desert feels in the hills of Wenatchee, snow covered mountain tops or fresh wildflowers on Mt. Rainier or urban city vibes, downtown Seattle. Washington is full of various backdrops that can provide any vibe you desire.  Your family sessions can be as big of an adventure as you want it to be.

Both sessions will not be full of stiff posing and artificial light. Instead, we will find the best natural light, indoors or out, and I will have you interact with one another, explore with one another, dance and snuggle with one another and maybe bust out a few super corny jokes.