Common Questions and Answers

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What do you wear?
Neutral colors and texture photograph beautifully. Mindful accessorizing and layering can also come across great. If you feel more comfortable in pants, wear those pants. If you want something more avant garde, splurge on that dramatic dress! Remember, these photos will most likely be on your wall, wear something that you will like to look at daily. Don’t be afraid to bring things that make your session more special whether it be your dog, a floral crown or a chair your grandpa made you.
I have put together Pinterest boards to give you visual ideas:
For women click here
For men click here
For family click here
How long is your session?
A full session will be no less than an hour. Often times it is between 1.5-2 hours. I realize that small children do not last as long as grown adults so, each session is always a little different. I really do not like to limit myself. I don’t put a strict timeline on creating.
How many photos will you get?
No less than 60 images. Often times, many more.
What time will your photo session happen?
Lighting makes all the difference with photos; I cannot stress this enough! I recommend being flexible with your session timing. If it’s a sunny day, the session will happen early morning or late evening. I love to shoot in overcast weather and even in some drizzle. Results can be so moody and lovely. Overcast sessions can happen in the middle of the day. That being said if you are wanting golden light, please do not expect that on an overcast day.
How will you get your photos?
You will get an online gallery of all your edited images, a mixture of black and white and color. You then will have the ability to download your images and share your gallery for one month after delivery date. The gallery of images will be delivered 2-3 weeks after your session.
How do you book a session?
Please, email me, to book your session. We will converse and agree to a date that works for the both of us. Your date is officially on my calendar once the non-refundable deposit is paid. Your date is held as a courtesy for one week after communication. After one week, if the deposit has not been paid, your date will be open to others. Payment must be paid in full the day of your session. No images will be edited or delivered until full payment is received.